SulNOx Fuel Fusions

SulnoxlogoSulNOx Fuel Fusions

SulNOx has developed the cheapest, safest and highest quality fuel emulsion on the world market today, with the ability to significantly reduce many of the negative environmental impacts caused by the use of hydrocarbons, for both combustion and burning.​

What is SulNOx?

​SulNOx has created the world’s leading fuel emulsifiers, capable of producing a complete range of stable fuel/water emulsions, particularly for heavy fuel oils such as mazut and marine diesel.

The stability of the SulNOx range of emulsions is demonstrated by the fact that test samples of diesel emulsion created in October 2012 using a SulNOx emulsifier and then left undisturbed on a laboratory shelf, have to date shown no sign of stratification (no separation of the fuel and water). They have therefore remained safe, usable, homogenised fuels.

The SulNOxEco emulsification process can work with any fuel and any percentage of water. The only constraint in regard to the percentage water content is the ability of an engine or burner to work efficiently.

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