Juliette Winter

Juliette Winter British MastersAfter travel and work and some training in Kickboxing gyms across Europe for a few years, Juliette Winter moved to Derby attending the university and graduating with a first class degree in Film and TV and a 9 bout undefeated career in full contact kickboxing from Derby’s LauGar Gym in 1999.

After having met former European Heavyweight Contender Clifton Mitchell and former British Middleweight Champion Neville Brown at the One Nation Boxing Gym in Derby, she decided to stay in the city and was granted a licence to box professionally, becoming the first female in the East Midlands to do so, in 2000

She also made her first film for TV that year with a short documentary on the Derby Gym and their participants. Winters told WBAN,  “I was looking forward to boxing my way through the amateur ranks but at that time there were no girls registered that I could box and only about three in the UK with professional licences.”

Juliette eventually found an opponent and made her debut on June 16, 2001,  against Chesterfields’ World Champion Kick boxer Sarah Hall (retired) at The Heritage Hotel in Derby, Sarah had boxed previously in the United States in unregistered bouts and was the more experienced fighter with 45 kickboxing bouts under her belt.  The bout was given “fight of the night” and enjoyed by a large crowd who welcomed the first-ever professional female boxing match in the city.

On July 16, 2001, Winters made her pro debut against Sara Hall.  Hall won by a TKO in the fourth round of a scheduled 6 round bout.  Team Winter told WBAN, “According to the referee scorecard,  Winter was ahead on points after 4 rounds but had to step down with an eye injury and conceded the 6 round fight to Hall.”

On September 20, 2001, in Winter’s second pro bout, she took on boxer Claire Cooper, at the Mermaid Theatre, in Blackfriars, London, England. Cooper won by a fourth round TKO in the bantamweight division. Winter had taken the fight with a days notice.

Winter then decided to travel to Europe after a lack of opponents and fights in the UK and spent some time training and sparring at the Universum Gyms in Hamburg, Germany, returning to the country to box Cathy Brown on March 20, 2003.    Winter boxed the European Flyweight Champion and was given a points decision over 4 rounds at Porchester Hall in London.

Winter was then offered a 6 round contest against the Dutch Featherweight World Champion, Esther Schouten at The Velodrome Arena in Amsterdam  on January 24, 2004.

The Dutch woman was at least a weight category above Winter and had a 14 bouts TKO record at the time but as Winter explained she didn’t want to refuse any bout given the fact that she had very little opportunity to fight as much as she’d like to. Winter was out matched by Schouten and had to step down with a serious shoulder injury in round 4.

After almost a year of training without any fights Winter was given the opportunity to box on July 23, 2006,  for the first ever British Masters Female Super flyweight Title against Shanee Martin of Bethnal Green, London. The 8 round bout was to make boxing history at Goresbrook Leisure Centre Dagenham.

Simon Euan Smith, Boxing News Ringside said, “Winter stayed cool dominated at long range when she could and joined battle in some great exchanges when Shanee got close…an exciting bout that was a credit to boxing not just women’s boxing”.

On September 24, 2006, Winter took part in another “first for British Boxing” History where Cathy Brown, 108¾, and Winter, 112¾, fought for the first ever English ladies Flyweight Title at York Hall, Bethnal Green.  Brown,   won the English title by points in the ten-round bout.  Final judges scores were 97-94.

On May 12, 2007, at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex, Stoke, Staffordshire, England, Winter, won a four-rounder by points over Yarkor Chavez Annan. Score is 39-37.

Claude Abrams Ringside Boxing news September 29.”..Winter was too tentative and out hustled grazing Brown’s eye in the 6th, but giving a points victory to Brown, who was… strong experienced and wanted it more.”

Winter said, “I found it hard to box Cathy having been a sparring partner for quite a few years.  We’ve helped each other out a lot as it’s difficult for us being the only girls in the country at similar weights, things should improve as soon as there’s more than a handful of UK pro females.   I think it was 8 at the last count!. In country’s like Germany where there are hundreds of girls we wouldn’t have to box each other I think it was a shame given the fact that really we’re different categories she’s a Light flyweight and I’m Super flyweight.”

” We both love our boxing however and anything to raise the profile of the sport for females in the country is great, I have a lot of respect for Cathy she fights from the heart and she’s managed to keep going over the years and notch up a 21 bout record… I would love another shot at the English Title though!”, added Winter.

The bout was also the first UK female contest to be broadcast on UK Terrestrial TV airing on Channel 5 with a Boxing Special program on the evening of the 29th produced by Winter’s own Production Company, Film City Ltd.

Article Courtesy of Women’s Boxing Archive Network http://www.womenboxing.com.

Since the article above, Juliette fought six further contests, including the 2007  Fight Of The Year nominated battle, against Shanee Martin, which ended in a draw.

In her final fight of the first part of her career Juliette unsuccessfully challenged Elina Tissen, for the WIBF, GBC and GBU World Featherweight titles.